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Interior design magazine

New York, USA

"hanging out"

Interior design magazine, New York, USA,  by Athena Waligore, April 2016

"This ceiling-mounted storage system is the coolest"

"The chairs on which you can not sit"

Casa Vogue, Brazil, by Michell Lott, 07/12/2013


"...may seem coming from a surrealistic painting. But the industrial designer Nikos Tsoumanis turned this idea into something real, beautiful and useful... just an optical illusion very well made... ...Despite the unquestionable artistic character, the piece is also very functional..."

"5 ways to freshen up the interior"

GQ Magazine, Russia, by Марина Ширская, 19/03/2014


"At first glance, there is a solution of the problem, which was a long fight over physics - objects passing through the wall. But in fact it's just vintage chairs, witty sawn and mounted on the wall with the legs upwards. You can hang up your clothes, as well as put every little thing out of your pockets."



"nikos tsoumanis suspends chairs upside down in hanging wairs", 22/11/2013

" the impression of sinking into the wall, ‘wairs’ by industrial designer Nikos Tsoumanis features recycled chairs cut up and hung upside down...


...the sculptural storage device not only provides sufficient space to hang items on, but it also becomes a



"Wairs: Clothes Hanger/model1 by Nikos Tsoumanis", by Harry, 23/11/2013

“A clothes hanger created with chairs, cut and hung upside down on a wall in such a way that it gives the impression that they are sinking in it. The legs are heading upwards allowing us to hang clothes, while the seat..."

maison madame figaro


Maison Madame Figaro, Greece, Nov '14

“A movement that was always challenging artists inspires Nikos Tsoumanis...."

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